Recent work


When we set out to create the facilities at Speed Ministry, the customer experience was our reason why for every decision we made and that includes the layout and finish of our dyno cell!

Enjoy fresh Italian coffee in our luxurious reception area complete with bespoke furniture and watch as we run pulls on your car on our MAHA MSR 500/2 dyno!


Performance Driver Coaching from AMG Driver Elliott Cole

We’re running our second precision driver training day of the year with our very own expert Elliott Cole at Rockingham circuit on the 23rd July. Basically having fun drifting brand new cars! Last time we had the brand new M5 to play with and a C63s! Give us a call to get booked on!

M-Power monday!

M4 competision in for an ECU recalibration. Stage 1 custom map taken up from 454 BHP to 504 BHP and 503 lb torque. Massively impressive! The customer is planning his next trip to bolt on some upgrades now!

600bhp Animal mercedes on Speed Ministry rolling road

600bhp animal!

speedministry had this 600bhp animal in for a quick dyno run this morning. Looking forward to it coming back for its upgrades to be fitted next week!
Dyno runs are £90+vat Monday-Saturday.